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Instagram Likes & Don’ts

First, the don’ts and then the likes. It’s always good to close a post on a positive note. But it is necessary to give you important reminders every now and then. Like this one. Don’t forget to buy likes on Instagram. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy Instagram followers as well. It’s all for a good cause, as well as you may know.

Right, on to the serious stuff then. Things you should not do with your Instagram platform. Things you should not show and say on Instagram. Try doing this stuff and see how long you last on Instagram, the world’s one big great and happy family, and look, it’s still making new babies each and every day. Everybody loves Instagram. Behave yourself on Instagram and everyone will love you too.

Well, the love doesn’t happen overnight. Which is why you have to buy likes on Instagram. Now, what part of a good cause don’t you understand? Spreading rumours, malicious stories and slander is not the way to go. It is unwholesome and it is unhealthy. And it is hard to believe that so many leading lights in society are doing the very thing. They should be leading you all by example, not down the toilet.

Some people even go as far as showing others in flagrante delicto. On Instagram too! Shocking! Now, Instagram and Facebook’s policy is that each and every member of their huge fraternity should have the right to freedom of expression. That is all good and well but what if your freeways get in the way of other people’s lives. What if your so-called freedom of expression ends up hurting people. You know, not only do people lose their jobs this way.

More seriously, lives could be lost. Don’t let this happen to you and others please. Children, please play nicely. Speaking of which, while the social media networks may have its liberal bent, it is still a family business in the sense that millions of young adults around the world are using these networks. Faith and trust has been placed in their developing maturity. Do not play the devil and tempt their fate.

Lead by example. You do this and watch how well you end up growing too. You grow in stature. Your reputation grows positively in leaps and bounds. And it works that way in business too. No need to spread derisory comments about your rivals out there. Have the confidence to know that you are doing quite well with your business just as it is, always with the scope to grow still further, of course. But of course, you are quite entitled to be objective on the professional level.

You do this professionally. You can make critical comments about other businesses operating in the same space as yours. You can show potential customers, and existing ones just how much you know about what you’re doing. And when you’re posting your regular pics, don’t forget to say cheese and smile.

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Instagram News

Why You Need To Be Brave Enough To Buy

Yippee! An opportunity to go shopping again! Oh, no, I don’t have any money! Oh dear, that is indeed what is going through a lot of people’s minds these days. People are finding it very hard to make ends meet. Many people have lost their jobs, many of them through no fault of their own. And many brave souls out there have gone on and made the effort to start up their own business. Because this is the necessary paradigm to follow under the circumstances, many brave young men and women have turned to social media to help promote their new business venture. The bravest of the bunch, they’ve been classified as your new crop of millennials, have been brash enough to buy followers, likes and comments to help promote their business.

Be brave like them and go and buy your real followers, likes and comments too. It does not matter which platform you are using – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter – you’ll end up with the same purpose, and to be even more positive, the same results. And the results? Positive thoughts, people. Positive things happen to positive people. If you need no more than 200 people to like your latest post – assuming you’ve worked hard on your marketing strategy and you know where it needs to lead – then that’s just it, you buy followers in accordance with that designated number. Or should that be likes?

Oops, a momentary lapse. This blog post is being typed out by a humanoid. Not a robot or bot. Yes, quite true, there are bots working behind the scenes to make those likes, comments and followers work in your favour. Positive stuff only gets put out there. Take the comments, for instance. Amazingly, all of them will be positive. Some people may think that this is false advertising at its worst. But that’s where you really need to come into your own. It is up to you to turn those comments and followers into a realistic presentation and portrayal of just what you are and what you do.

It goes without saying that if you are promoting absolute rubbish and all the comments have been positive, people are going to wonder. And of course, they’ll be giving you a wide berth. Of course, it’s obvious. You’ve still got to work on your positive product material and/or service. Make sure it is genuine and sooner rather than later, the real fish will come and bite. Don’t worry about the sharks. The bots have done their bit. They’ve got systems in place to kick out all the trolls. The trolls are those really nasty people you really don’t want in your life. They’re the worst form of anything on social media.

The backaches. It’s been a hard day at the office. And it’s pleasing to see that it’s all been worthwhile. People are buying likes, comments and followers as this post speaks to you tonight.

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